Promoting an aware and knowledgeable generation of IT Students through education and experience

The WCC Cybersecurity Club is a student-run organization that focuses on more advanced topics in cyber defense and offense. The Club often competes in various security competitions and also meets with industry professionals. The WCC CyberSecurity Club is a hands-on club and expects students to have an in-depth knowledge of basic Computer Topics.


Take part in the events we sponsor and/or participate in throughout the year


Once a week we share thoughts & discoveries about the latest in Cybersecurity

Online Tutorial

Chat with a tutor online to help you with CIS & Cybersecurity Major questions

Bulletin Board

Talk to each other about CyberSecurity or CIS related problems or issues at WCC

Welcome To The CyberSecurity Club

The WCC CyberSecurity Club is a place for students and alumni to network & ramp up on current Secruity and other IT Challenges & Opportunites

  • Motivation
  • Perserverance
  • Growth
  • Discovery